Google Analytics

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

Google Analytics DashboardWeb Analytics  provides you with the answers to questions that cannot be fully answered anywhere else.  With Web Analytics you will gain insight into which keywords bring visitors to your site, which pages drive the most conversions, where your visitors are coming from and many more questions you’ve been asking about your website.

Profitability : Increase your bottom line by capturing the highest quality leads at the lowest possible price. SEO Expertise’s Marketing Optimization reports can show you which campaigns, partners, and websites drive the highest quality traffic to your site. SEO Expertise’s Content Optimization reports can show you how visitor-content interactions on your site help or hinder sales and conversion, so you can remove bottlenecks and increase profits.

Efficiency : The web is the most trackable medium available to marketers. Web Analytics allows you to quickly ascertain the effectiveness and value of any ad campaign as well as any specific keyword, email, banner ad, or referring link.

Visibility : Web analytics provide an unprecedented view into the causes and effects that shape your online business activities. SEO Expertise’s Key Performance Summaries (KPIs) give you an executive summary glance of how your bottom line metrics compare to the previous quarters, months, weeks, days, or even the last few hours. Equally useful for executive board reporting and strategic decision making, KPIs produced with web analytics allow you to rapidly check the pulse of all online activities or recognize long-range trends.

Accountability : Marketing, design, and budget decisions can be justified with hard data. Web Analytics can combine merchandising information, advertising accountability, cost and revenue data, and visitor metrics to give a complete picture of your online business and justifications for decisions.

Predictability : Repeatable results come from executing on your most successful initiatives. Web Analytics shows you what has and has not worked for your business in the past, so you can predict what will work next.

Agility : The ability to quickly test initiatives is particularly important in a rapidly changing marketplace. Web Analytics makes it easy to test website design, ad copy, and overall ad strategy.

SEO Expertise Web Analytics Services

  • Goal Tracking
  • Conversion Monitoring
  • Pay Per Click Tracking
  • Regular  reports (Visitors, Tracking, Conversion and more)
  • Recommended site changes based on report analysis

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