Adwords Consulting

Increased ROI for Google Adwords adverstising programs

There is more to creating an effective Google Adwords campaign that just spending more per click. Spending more on your Google Adwords will not necessarily generate better results.

By using my proven techniques I can help your company achieve better ROI on your Google Adwords campaigns. We will get your Adwords:

  • Ranked higher in the listed Google Adwords
  • Generate better click through rates
  • Reduce the cost per click
  • Make it easier to effeciently track the results of your campains
  • Use Google Adwords for Market Research

Does hiring a Google Adwords consultant make a difference? Yes!

In the graphs below you can see when I was hired by the client to manage their account. In the graph you see that I was able to increase the clients ad position to an average of about postion 1-2. This change has had a dramatic positive effect on this client’s account. The client now has an Adwords account that is performing at an acceptable level.

Avg Position Chart

Haven’t tried Google Adwords? You should! Not only will you be able to drive more traffic to your website you will also gain important market inteligence. Have you ever wanted to find out what keywords are searched more often? Google Adwords will help you learn this valuable nformation.