08 Jul

Higher Search Engine Placement with LinkedIn

Should You Have a LinkedIn Company Profile?

It just so happens that Google is currently giving LinkedIn company profiles a high search results ranking. Take my client Avanti as an example; their LinkedIn Company profile is #3 when you search on their company name, Avanti.

Having high rankings is helpful but here is why you should care: the presence of a LinkedIn company profile in the top ten results is one less position an unfriendly website can possess. I have frequently used competitor and partner company names to gain position for my clients. Here is a link to an example of how I used this tactic to effectively position my client Kev Software with a high search result ranking for their competitor Manatee Software. If you look at these results you’ll see that Kev Software is in position two right after the targeted competitor.

Here is a screen capture of the profile for my client Avanti Computer Systems:

LinkedIn Search Results

Manage Your LinkedIn Profile

If you don’t have a LinkedIn company profile, get one. If you do have a LinkedIn company profile, manage it. Whether you have one or not you should authenticate yourself with LinkedIn so that you can manage your listing.

Add or Manage your LinkedIn Company Profile.