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John A. Robb’s Bio

John Robb SEO ConsultantI am an SEO consultant. I discovered the Internet in December of 1994, by March of 1995 I had registered my first domain. That is over 10 years ago now and memories fade.

Let me take you back to 1995: that was when the only person in a company with an email address was the owner and he checked his email from home. That was the sales environment when I started selling Internet based products and services. Back then I mostly sold access because that is what people needed most.

As an entrepreneur I have always been restless working for someone else. My Internet career started with Sentex Communications. I’m proud to say that Sentex is still around today providing quality Internet services to some of the region’s most prominent companies. While working at Sentex I was introduced to a company that would demonstrate to me the true power of the Internet and the value of good search engine optimization. The main site for this company is RecycleNet has a world wide reputation as the most important recycling web site for recycle able commodities. You’ll be sure to find their site if you search for industrial recycle ables

When I moved to LogiSense Corporation I was able to implement SEO strategies that had a significant impact on sales. It was while at LogiSense that discovered the direct relationship between sales and marketing and a well executed search engine marketing program.

I am now able to draw on fifteen years of sales and marketing experience, ten of them Internet related, to assist my clients in getting the most from their web sites. I am also available to speak to your group about search engine marketing.

I am also a principal in Longtail Web Developments. Longtail provides consumer information, now! I specialize in organic SEO and for Longtail. We have recently started incubating these sites as part of the Longtail Portfolio: Plumbers in TorontoNiagara Wineries.