03 Dec

Social Engagement Optimization

A few years ago SEO used to stand for Search Engine Optimization but today it could easily stand for Social Engagement Optimization.  How you get people to your site has changed.  The search engines are still the number one source of traffic but the sites that could be classed as search engines have changed.

Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, linkedIn, Pinterst and YouTube are allowing business to do something online that they have been doing offline for years, building connections.  Companies will sometimes try and hire their competitor’s best sales person.  They do this for a couple of reasons one of which is the network of connections the sales person will bring with them to the new organization.  Social Media is the online manifestation of this benefit.

An important part of any strategy that utilizes social media revolves around knowing the audience.  Social Media is about conversations, not broadcasts.  You most likely have a different kind of conversation with your spouse than you do with your employee.  You instinctively know the difference in your audience.   It is for this reason that simply using Facebook or Twitter to have conversations with your audience will not work if it is not executed properly.  Many companies look at something like Twitter as a great way to broadcast their message.  Do these kinds of messages enrich the conversation?

I have found there are five ways to engage your audience with social media:

  1. Enlighten
  2. Entertain
  3. Educate
  4. Equate
  5. Engage

The primary goal when using Social Media should be to create something worth sharing.  Your audience will only share something that they believe has value as defined by them and not you.