03 Sep

Symptomeering, Keyword Selection Process

There are many people that claim to offer SEO services.  Some consultants are better than others.  I actually had a client ask for my help after they had used another SEO consultant.  That consultant built my client a new website that is doing 1/3 the traffic and half as many leads as they were getting from their old, ugly site, that was optimized for the right keywords.

In talking to my client I explained what makes me different is my ability to think like a prospect.  I am not encumbered by the curse of knowledge that my clients seem to have when it comes to their business.  Many of my clients have forgotten what it’s like to not know that their product or service exists.  To deal with this I have use a process called Symptomeering.

Symptomeering (sym-to-meer-ing) is the process of identifying symptom based keywords that your target audience uses to explain the pain they are experiencing.  These symptom based keywords are then aligned with your offering in order to drive actionable traffic to your website.

The process looks like this:

Symptomeering Flow Diagram

Symptomeering Flow Diagram